25th January 2017

7 ways to beat that afternoon slump

Starting the day off full of energy, ideas and motivation…I feel like I can conquer the world, then mid afternoon approaches and I start to feel my energy dip, I know I am not the only one. I see others around me looking out the window, reaching for that third coffee of the day and more conversations about activities of the weekend surround me.

So I have researched adn collected a list of solutions to kick that afternoon slump, some easier than others…I can’t see myself dancing around my computer within a shared workspace, although I am not saying I am not willing to try.

Here are my 7 personal favourite ways to try and beat that afternoon slump.

1.Caffeine: Get into the routine of a mid-afternoon cup. It’s a good step toward beating the afternoon doldrums thanks to that little bit of a caffeine burst and the few quiet minutes the brewning and steeping entails

2.Make a Phone call; Calling a loved one will lift your spirits for hours and reinvigorate you to get your work done.

3.Consider a small piece of Dark Chocolate : This is not a license to overindulge, but dark chocolate does have some unique advantages. Unlike milk chocolate, it is truly a healthy food, closer to the category of nuts than sweets, given the high levels of healthy fat and antioxidants it contains. Plus, it has abundant fiber and magnesium. Additionally, it provides a little caffeine, as well as a satisfyingly decadent feeling. But don’t eat more than one square.

4.Chew some gum; Chewing gums with strong minty flavours are stimulating, and the mere act of chewing is something of a tonic to a brain succumbing to lethargy. Plus, chewing stimulates saliva, which helps to clear out bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease from lunch. Just be sure to choose sugar-free gum.

5.Do the work you care about the most in the afternoon: Because your energy will be high when you first get to work, start the day with the task you’re dreading most. You’ll be able to breeze through it in the morning, leaving your favourite projects for later in the day.

6.Stand up and have a walk: Studies have shown that even short bursts of activity can keep you alert and boost your fitness. Instead of emailing or calling colleagues, stop by their desks to ask a question face to face.

7.DANCE: Find a private space to jam out to one of your favourite high-energy songs. Close your door if you have an office or put in your headphones and head to an empty conference room or the bathroom. You’ll get back to your desk feeling pumped.

Source : http://www.rd.com/health/wellness/13-ways-to-beat-the-afternoon-slump-at-work/