16th January 2017

9 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning!

How are the New Years resolutions coming along? Rather abnormally, I started the new year feeling in pretty good nick. However, a few weeks in and I’m feeling sluggish and unhealthy. I already go to the gym regularly, but the big change for me is CLASSES. This week, I’ve signed up for an early morning class every day, and it’s made a huge difference. Granted, getting up that early made me want to curl up in a dark corner, but the effect on my energy levels was worth it. I’m not going to lie, there were moments during this morning’s HIIT class that I prayed for the fire alarm to save me, but I really think the early morning sessions are doing it for me.

Here are 9 benefits of an early bird sesh;

1. You get it over and done with. The rest of the day is YOURS 

2. It’s hellish getting up, but you feel motivated for the rest of the day

3. The gym tends to be quieter 

4. You feel so smug!

5. In the evening, it’s so easy to put off the gym for socialising. You’re less likely to bail if you get it done in the early hours. 

6. You will be more likely to make better breakfast choices after a good workout. Plus, you’ll kickstart your metabolism and appetite nice and early.

7. Knowing you’ve got a morning workout ahead of you, you’ll make sure to get to bed nice and early. Feels good. 

8. You burn MORE fat. Kick start your metabolism- you’ll burn through your food during the day, whereas a PM workout means you’re burning through it while you’re sleeping.

9. No breakfast beforehand- you’re more likely to burn more fat. However, if this is going to impact your performance, think again. Either way, remember to refuel afterwards.