8th February 2017

Big lunches and light dinners

So we all probably heard by now that it’s better to eat our calorie-heavy meals earlier in the day. But why is this the case? The basic science is that if you eat more of your total intake earlier in the day then you’ll have more time to burn it off. If you eat a large meal in the evening, you are essentially ingesting unnecessary fuel. After all, do we need a large meal to help us cope with the draining task of going to bed? 

Granted, it’s so easy to overindulge at night time, when we’re tired and our bodies are craving sugar. Most of us have come back from busy, stress-filled days at work, and we actually have time to eat when we get home. It can often be a way of emotionally compensating for a stressful day. But all it does is give us empty calories that we don’t need. 

I used to find it difficult to eat more at lunch time- it seems to be socially ingrained to have my larger meal in the evening. But now I’ve got into the swing of things, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. For one thing, it’s nice waking up feeling hungry for breakfast. So what should we be eating for those light dinners? I think the simplest way to go is a grilled chicken breast or a fillet of fish with steamed green veg. Of course if you’re vegetarian/vegan, you could do the same but with a lentil dish as your protein. For lunch, try to get in a good ratio of carbs, protein and veg. 

Remember that if you workout in the evening, you need to recover with a good balance of carbs and protein.