Foods that say NO to cancer

11th May 2017

We’re all aware of the dreaded ‘C’ word, but not enough of us are aware of what foods we can eat to lower the risks of this deadly disease. It’s […]

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The sun has got his hat on!

10th May 2017

Temperatures are warming up and we have just enjoyed one of the hottest days so far, reaching around 25°C, we can safely say that Summer is pretty much on the […]

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Fantastic 5: Vegan Brain Foods

8th May 2017

It’s a new day, you wake up refreshed (let’s hope) and you’re ready to tackle what’s ahead of you. You turn off your alarm, jump in the shower and before […]

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Halo Coco Summer Ab Workout

3rd May 2017

Whaaaaat? It’s May already? That only means one thing…summer is well and truly on the horizon! As you know by now, we love to relax and unwind on the beach […]

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Vegan Coconut Protein Shake

27th April 2017

Whether you’re bulking or not, it’s a great idea to have a cheeky post-workout protein shake to speed up muscle repair. When you’ve had a strenuous workout in the gym, […]

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Think twice, sugar ain’t nice!

24th April 2017

Hi, I’m sugar! Everyone loves me. I’m irresistible. I’m so sweet. Stop! Don’t listen to sugar, she’s too sickly sweet. She’s too good to be true, don’t go there. She’s […]

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13th April 2017

An easter egg is essentially just the same as other chocolate but in a different shape. But nothing really beats the moment when you get to crack that chocolate egg […]

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Work deadlines…not so tough now are you?

29th March 2017

You’ve just met your deadline, thank heavens for that. But wait…what’s that? There seems to be a mountain of paper piled up at the end of your desk. More work? […]

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Coconut milk helps reduce hangovers: Fact!

24th March 2017

You’ve had a stressful week at work and finally it’s the weekend. So, what do you do? You go to your favourite pub or club of course. One thing leads […]

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22nd March 2017

If you want to spoil your vegan mummy, make her a delicious breakfast with this granola. Chop up some fruit (bananas, mango, grapes), add some Coconut yoghurt and sprinkle on […]

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A Tasty Low-Calorie, Post-Workout Shake

17th March 2017

So, you’ve been overindulging recently and you’ve decided to go for the mother of all workouts in the gym. You’re sweating buckets and all you can think about is your […]

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“To sleep: perchance to dream…”

9th March 2017

Are you getting enough sleep? I know I’m not. What with a busy social life, and early starts and early workouts, I seem to be constantly suffering from mild sleep […]

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You don’t have to feel bloated anymore!

7th March 2017

Probably like many of you, I had a heavy weekend. And I’m not a sprightly teenager anymore, or even a sprightly early twenty something, so the effect of these kind […]

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3rd March 2017

I have sensitive skin, and the winter months can wreak havoc. A combination of the cold outdoors, wind, rain and central heating can leave my skin feeling tight, dry and […]

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28th February 2017

Who doesn’t love a delicious pancake? But this can be a problem for anyone with a food allergy as the traditional recipe contains, flour, milk and eggs. So I’m going […]

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15th February 2017

Within supermarkets it’s easy to find any vegetable/ fruit at any time of year. I mean, you can buy papayas all year round, and those are definitely not locally grown, […]

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National Pizza Day

9th February 2017

In honour of #NationalPizzaDay, here are some vegan ideas. If you’re short on time, you can buy a variety of remade pizza bases at most supermarkets. If you’re gluten-free, they […]

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Big lunches and light dinners

8th February 2017

So we all probably heard by now that it’s better to eat our calorie-heavy meals earlier in the day. But why is this the case? The basic science is that […]

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A Salad with Substance

6th February 2017

I’m a great lover of salads, but with this weather, a flimsy bit of rocket just won’t do. Here is a belter of a salad, good for pre workout, post […]

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Cooking for your friends, the healthy way!

2nd February 2017

I love cooking and I love dinner parties. But whether you’re eating with your friends or your family, it’s so easy to let your usual rules fly out the window. […]

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