24th March 2017

Coconut milk helps reduce hangovers: Fact!

You’ve had a stressful week at work and finally it’s the weekend. So, what do you do? You go to your favourite pub or club of course. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know it’s the following morning. Your head is pounding and your memory from last night is more than hazy. Your body hasn’t been able to properly digest the alcohol in your system and the toxins are coursing through your system.

Don’t panic, Halo Coco have got you covered.

Here are a handful of tips to get you out of this alcohol-fuelled mess:

  1. Drink coconut milk:

The magical liquid contains important vitamins, minerals and electrolytes which helps you rehydrate effectively.

Coconut milk is an alkaline so it does a really good job at settling a nauseous stomach by neutralising the acid brought on by the alcohol. The antioxidants in the milk also helps soothe your poor stomach.

Coconut milk also contains MCTs (healthy fats) which will give you that much-needed boost. MCTs are easily used by the brain for energy and help reduce fatigue.

Finally, we recommend you drink flavoured coconut milk as opposed to plain. Our pineapple or vanilla flavoured coconut milk is so refreshing; it will be so easy to get down.

  1. Rest up:

It’s important to get some extra shut-eye because alcohol takes an age to run through your system. If you get some more sleep, you’ll be allowing your body to do what it does naturally.

  1. Drink water:

It goes without saying, you have to replenish your body with fluids lost from the night before. As well as coconut milk, good old-fashioned water is a lifesaver.

  1. Munch on a light salty snack:

Salt may be the last thing on your mind but in all honestly a light salty snack like pita chips, crackers or toast does wonders for stabilising your stomach. It also makes you that bit thirstier, so you’re more likely to reach for that extra carton of coconut milk.

  1. Pop an anti-inflammatory:

Ibuprofen and Advil are great at reducing overall discomfort.