2nd February 2017

Cooking for your friends, the healthy way!

I love cooking and I love dinner parties. But whether you’re eating with your friends or your family, it’s so easy to let your usual rules fly out the window. Why should you break your health resolutions? We often assume that guests might not want to eat uber healthy food at a dinner party, but healthy food doesn’t have to be austere or meant for rabbits. Here are some ideas to get all of your guests eating healthily without them realising it. 

Snacks and Drinks

I’m not going to go so far as to suggest that you don’t drink. Just make sure there are sugar free options if you’re serving things like gin and tonic. Instead of crisps and nibbles, pass around crudités with dips. 


Try to start with a soup or a vegetable based option. Presentation is key- if you present your guests something pretty, it wont look like you’re giving them rabbit food. Use garnishes, colourful ceramics and arrange your food elegantly on the plate. Oh and if you’re doing a soup, try not go for a creamy one. 


Keep a good balance of protein, carbs and veg. Try making big pots of everything and presenting them in the centre of the table- this way everyone can decide how much they want and you dont have to overindulge. Go for a big pot of lentil curry, and bowls of salad, green veggies and sweet potato mash. 


This is tricky. You can serve up a beautiful tropical fruit salad served with greek yoghurt, honey and seeds. I personally like to serve up some strong coffee with an array of artfully presented dark chocolates. 

Remember, eating healthily is great, but it’s always important to remember the 80:20 rule. You can’t keep up healthy habits without having a little fun. Just not too much.