13th April 2017


An easter egg is essentially just the same as other chocolate but in a different shape. But nothing really beats the moment when you get to crack that chocolate egg open so it feels completely different. There is plenty of vegan chocolate available these days, here are my favourite vegan Easter picks. 

1. Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs Eco Egg £7.99

Montezuma’s very reasonably priced egg is both vegan friendly, gluten free and soya free. The packaging is also environmentally friendly so you can induge without a guilty thought in your head. 

2. Hotel Chocolat Big City Bunny £7.50 

I know it’s not an egg, but the vegan friendly, 70% dark choc bunny is an easter delight. 

3. Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Easter Egg- Ginger £15 

And for something a little interesting, we have the 70% dark choice egg with indian ginger oil and hazelnut and ginger crunches. It’s vegan and gluten free! 

4. Hotel Chocolat Hard Boiled Easter Egg – 100% Dark £15

This is only for the hard core dark chocolate lovers. It really packs a punch and of course it’s vegan as it is pretty much pure chocolate. Gluten free as a bonus point. 

5. Divine Luxury Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Tasting Set £13.95

70% Dark choc, fair trade, vegan and with an extra 12 little bars with lots of different flavours including fruit, toffee and sea salt. Gluten free too. 

6. Booja Booja Almond and Sea Salt Caramel Easter Egg Large £24.99 Small £9.99

So this is basically a beautiful hand painted egg which can be used as a beautiful decoration and inside are incredibly delicious truffles. Enjoy. 

I hope this gives you some ideas. Happy Easter from a self professed chocolate addict.