5th August 2016

Fashionable to be Fit and Healthy

Designer Sports clothing, famous fitness instructors and celebrity work out plans…its clear the health and wellness shift has exploded throughout the UK.

We are continually exposed to photos of food and gym bunnies which has created an online following of fitness fanatics and body conscious beauty’s.

It seems to be ‘on trend’ to Snapchat a selfie with a healthy smoothie in hand or…dare I say…a photo using the mirror in the gym…you would not catch me taking a selfie post-workout!

The Superfoods are trending through hashtags and social media influencers have become celebrities in their own way, it is clear that it has become fashionable to be fit.

Albeit sometimes we are fed up seeing our friends healthy diet plastered all over our Facebook feed, yet it is fantastic to see the food trends shift and there is a greater awareness of the healthier options which people are sharing and consuming on a daily basis. So…as much as we may ‘tut’ at the plates of colourful raw vegetables, the six pack in the mirror (not the beer) and the endless kale recipes its a positive message that is being portrayed. Stay Clean and stay healthy…its on trend!