3rd May 2017

Halo Coco Summer Ab Workout

Whaaaaat? It’s May already? That only means one thing…summer is well and truly on the horizon! As you know by now, we love to relax and unwind on the beach whenever we get the chance. Who could resist that blissful feeling of sand between your toes? The sound of the waves tumbling onto the [she sells seashells by the] seashore? The playful chatter of seagulls as they soar overhead? Your favourite thirst-quenching drink to cool you down? Let’s be honest we all deserve some beachy relaxation when the time’s right. But you know what they all say: “Sun’s out, guns out!” So, we’ve got a killer ab workout that, if you practice enough, will get people turning heads left, right, and centre. Ok, here we go…

Perform exercises A and B back-to-back. Take a 60 second rest. Then move onto the next set of A and B exercises. Rinse and repeat.

  1. Plank (approx. 60s)
  1. Crunches (10-20 reps)

~ 60 second rest ~

  1. Burpees (10-20 reps)
  1. Leg Raises (10-20 reps)

~ 60 second rest ~

  1. T-Rotations (5-10 reps, each side)
  1. Body-weight squats (20-30)

~ 60 second rest ~

  1. Reverse crunches (10-20 reps)
  1. Russian Twists (10-20 reps)

~ 60 second rest ~

  1. Left Side Plank (30s-60s)
  1. Right Side Plank (30s-60s)

~ End OR 5-minute break and repeat ~

You may repeat this whole circuit up to 5 times depending on your fitness levels. Remember through, make sure you keep good form right the way through. Push yourself, but don’t strain yourself. Oh, and keep hydrated with your trusty companion Halo Coco.


Good luck and see you at the beach!