24th April 2017

Think twice, sugar ain’t nice!

  • Hi, I’m sugar! Everyone loves me. I’m irresistible. I’m so sweet.
  • Stop! Don’t listen to sugar, she’s too sickly sweet. She’s too good to be true, don’t go there. She’s like a Siren trying to lure in her victims. You’ve been warned.


Ok, let’s admit it, most of us out there have a sweet tooth. Sometimes that chocolate bar, fizzy drink or cookie is too tempting. Sometimes they taste too damn good. Trust us though, you don’t want to start forming a habit out eating sugary snacks or drinks. You probably know that sugar isn’t great for you, but honestly, it’s a hell of a lot worse than you think. If you want to drastically improve your overall health, then say no to that seductive devil, sugar!

First of all, sugar does a really good job at destroying your teeth. If you don’t want to keep your pearly white gnashers, then by all means have another donut. But seriously though, added sugars feed harmful bacteria in your mouth with easily digestible energy. Sugar is your dentist’s worst enemy. According to the Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, after reviewing a study in 2015, half of eight year olds show visible signs of decay on their teeth. If this is shocking, then we don’t know what is.

Too much sugar is also very damaging to our liver. Fructose gets turned into fat in the liver and is filtered out as ‘bad’ cholesterol. So then what’s the problem you may be thinking? Well, because you’ve been hammering your liver with all this unnecessary sugar, not all of the fat escapes. Over time this can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. You don’t want that now do you?

Overconsumption of sugar is a leading factor of Type 2 diabetes. When we eat too much sugar, the pancreas has to compensate by releasing insulin to keep blood sugar levels down. The more this process happens, the more likely it is that your pancreas can’t keep up with producing the right amount of insulin. When this happens, your blood sugar levels go through the roof and your stuck with type 2 diabetes for life.

There are also studies which suggest that sugar can be a cancer-causing agent. Scientists believe that having constantly high levels of insulin and metabolic problems provoked by sugar can increase your chances of getting cancer.

Despite sweets and sugar often advertised as being fun and harmless snacks for kids and adults, perhaps the happy world of gummy bears isn’t such a happy world. The bottom line is, it’s ok to have a bit of sugar once in a while, but we really recommend not overdoing it. There are so many other dodgy effects sugar can have on the body from weight gain, to heart disease. So always remember: think twice, sugar ain’t nice!

Oh, and before we say goodbye, all Halo Coco’s sugars are derived from fruits so our milk doesn’t contain any refined sugars. So you don’t need to feel guilty about slurping down one of our drinks. How’s about that then.

Catch you later, goodbye!