22nd March 2017


If you want to spoil your vegan mummy, make her a delicious breakfast with this granola. Chop up some fruit (bananas, mango, grapes), add some Coconut yoghurt and sprinkle on some granola. Make a beautiful tray with some proper coffee and flowers. Happy Mother guaranteed.

Sugar Free, Gluten Free Granola

400g gluten free oats

200g whole almonds

120g sunflower seeds

120g pumpkin seeds

100g sesame seeds

125ml unsweetened apple juice/ water 

2 tablespoons sunflower oil


This is a super easy recipe. Weigh all of your ingredients out, and mix together well in a large bowl. You can alter the quantities as you wish, it depends on what oat/seed ratio you prefer. Spread the mixture on to a roasting tray, and put in the oven at 160 degrees for about an hour. Take the tray out regularly and mix so that everything cooks evenly. When everything is cool, it should be nice and crunchy- I like put it in a big mason jar as it looks delicious.