29th March 2017

Work deadlines…not so tough now are you?

You’ve just met your deadline, thank heavens for that. But wait…what’s that? There seems to be a mountain of paper piled up at the end of your desk. More work? Surely not? At this point you’re seriously considering holding your eyes open with matchsticks and splashing a glass of water in your face. You’ve just pinched yourself FIVE times and no, you’re not dreaming! You realise you’re the last person in the office and you’re praying that a Genie will somehow miraculously appear out of your Cafetiere. You only want one wish, who cares about the other two. All you want is to be teleported to a sunny beach where the burden of work is dissipated in the blink of an eye. Sound familiar? If so, do yourself a favour and read on…

Understandably, it’s very easy to get behind on work, be it at school, university or in the office. We’re all so busy and have got a million things on our mind at once. Here are a few pointers to direct you back onto the right track:

Start your day with a balanced and healthy breakfast to keep you fuelled up for the long day ahead of you. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so don’t go skipping it.

Take some healthy snacks with you to work to keep you topped up throughout the day. Almonds, whole-grain crackers, fresh fruit and veg will do wonders at keeping you full while maintaining concentration levels.

Make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Our brain is made up of nearly 80% water, so can only perform at its peak performance when fully hydrated. Reach for Halo Coco! It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and electrolytes to keep you fully hydrated. You’ll have a wider attention span and feel invigorated as a result.

Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks at all costs. They are your enemies. Yes, they’ll give you a temporary boost, but what goes up must come down. You’ll only be left in the wake, feeling sluggish and irritable. Halo Coco is your new friend. Not only does our coconut milk rehydrate you, it contains healthy fats (MCTs) which’ll give you a more natural and steady energy boost, keeping you feeling refreshed throughout the day.

Who said having a break was a bad thing? It’s scientifically proven that having short breaks throughout the day will improve your concentration. Prioritise your work and make a list of bite-size, manageable tasks. Each time you’ve completed a task, reward yourself with a break. Why not go for a walk and grab your self a coffee carton of Halo Coco?

If you’re feeling stressed, instead of biting the bullet and soldiering on, you should try some relaxation techniques. Try some deep breathing or some simple meditation. Nobody works to their best ability under stress. Plus, it’s detrimental to our wellbeing.

Make sure your workspace is shipshape. As a result, you’re naturally going to be more organised and focused. Never forget this: ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind’.

Finally, make sure you get a good night sleep. Turn off all screens an hour before bed and why not unwind with a herbal tea and your favourite novel. You’ll wake up the next day feeling fresh and energised, ready for the long day ahead.

Spread the word, nobody needs to suffer in silence!